Need to Find a Side Hustle? Look Here…

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It seems like everyone has been talking about ‘side hustles’ these days.  But what are side hustles?  And do you need a side hustle?

A side hustle is a job you can do in addition to your regular employment.  People use them earn extra income for reaching your financial goals.

Traditionally, this has been achieved by part-time jobs like waitressing that need workers during nights and weekends.  Work a few hours, get a few dollars.

Recently, your options for side hustles have expended drastically due to the rise of ‘gigs’.  With a gig, you don’t get paid by the hour, instead, you are paid for each completed task.   For example, a driver can be paid each time they give someone a ride through Uber or deliver food through Postmates.

Side Hustles can be powerful tools to help you reach financial freedom.  By definition, they earn you extra money.  You can use that extra money to pay down debt, fund your retirement, or build an emergency fund.  You may not get much from side gigs, but remember that it is extra money above and beyond what you earn at your normal job that will help you get ahead.

I could create a list of opportunities for you, but it’d be hard to make a better list than the one compiled by Budgets Are Sexy.  They have dozens of gigs that you can check out here: